My Most Debilitating Weakness: You Reading This

4952C463-7EF7-4137-9863-D1C54357E6C6Despite growing up in another country, I am fairly certain that I grew up as a standard “generation me.” I don’t necessarily like generational stereotypes, mainly because the negatives are true of humans, not particular generations. However, our generation did grow up with lots of opportunities to make much of ourselves. Continue reading


Reflecting on 7 years of Youth Ministry


A recent Facebook post caused me to reflect on my time in youth ministry.

  1. Youth Ministry is tough.

It is exhausting work. It is work that, by most, is done with an enormous amount of passion and dedication. The youth ministers I know love their students. They have them to their house, answer texts at odd hours of the day, show up at ball games, take them on exhausting retreats. The youth ministers that I know passionately engage their students. It is tough work to dedicate that amount of heart and time to youth ministry. Continue reading