The Painful Path of Forgiveness


All of us have been faced by a situation that required our forgiveness. Some of us have been in much more difficult situations than others. Maybe you have been faced with an abusive parent. Maybe you been betrayed by your spouse. Maybe you found out a close friend was gossiping about you behind your back, or plotting your demise. Maybe you were wrongly fired, maligned, or misrepresented. Whatever the situation, when we feel like we have been wronged, forgiveness is virtually impossible.

In situations where we have been betrayed, stabbed in the back, cheated on, abused, belittled, mocked and so forth, our human heart jumps at the opportunity for justice. We want to see those who have caused our pain, have equal or more pain inflicted upon them. Our desire for justice is a beautiful thing designed by God, that we have hijacked for our own purposes. Justice is a funny thing. Most humans want justice when they’ve been wronged, and want mercy when they have wronged someone else. Continue reading